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Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz

The all new Santa Cruz really has to be seen to be believed.  This breathtaking motorhome boasts all the luxuries you’d expect from a 5-star hotel.  Built onto the Iveco Daily the Santa Cruz holds it all, with everything at the touch of a button.

Upon waking from your bedroom, where you’ve peacefully slept in your large queen bed after falling asleep watching a combination of the TV and incredible view, surrounded by mood lighting, huge storage, USB Power Points along with 240 Power Point, 2 x reading lights, and more, you’ll drop your feet to the floor where your sensor lights will gently light your path wherever you may want to go.  You may choose the en-suite, where you can slide your door closed and enjoy the privacy and comfort of a dual shower with both a waterfall shower head, along with a hand held shower head.  The bathroom is lit up, impressively by the entire wall illuminating.  You’ve also got a swivel toilet and vanity or you may simply be putting a load of washing into the washing machine fixed to the wall, (if this is an extra you choose).  With a tiled splash back and back lit mirror, no details have been missed.

You may have chosen to walk through to the kitchen, where you’re wishing for a nice fresh coffee.  Push a button and up will pop your integrated coffee machine.  What a way to start the morning!   You have a stunning internal kitchen which consists of a 3-burner gas, 1 electric stove top, dishwasher, fan forced oven and microwave, large bench space, huge pantry draws, modern finishes and more that simply has to be seen.  An additional outdoor kitchen is present, with an outdoor cook top, fridge and sink.  Extend the awning with a push of a button, bring out the table and chairs, switch music from your internal speakers to your external speakers, or turn on your outdoor TV and you have yourself an external entertainment area.

After exploring and taking in all your surroundings, you may be ready for a quiet afternoon.  The lounge room can be used to comfortably seat 4 people, along with a fully adjustable table, which makes entertaining and meal times a real treat!  The dinette also converts to an additional double bed, for your convenience.  Of a night time, you may wish to turn on the TV in the lounge room, whilst your partner is asleep in the bedroom, or you may simply want to stretch out, relax, and view the stars through the electric sky light.

With all the latest modern finishes, and extra’s like the electric waste trap, twin reverse camera, electric stabilisers and a great deal more.

We ran into Bev & Harry, Suncamper Sherwood owners at the 2014 Caravan, Camping, RV and Holiday Supershow. We asked them to share what it was like to own a Suncamper Sherwood and tell us where they have been. Here’s what they said.

Bev & Harry

New Suncamper
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