Dear past, present, & future Suncamper Owners,

And with that, the 2022 Season comes to close, what a year its been. A rollercoaster year here at Suncamper Motorhomes, and we would just like to update you on what has been going on over the past 12 months, here at the factory and across the country.

2022 saw unprecedented demand across the entire industry, with in the aftermath of the pandemic, Australia has demonstrated to the masses its secrets and beauty it beholds. With our motorhomes being the most capable and adept to see the corners of the continent, our build queue has extended out to never seen before timeframes. Though, we hate keeping our customers waiting to chase their sunsets, this demand has seen us grow and develop as a manufacturer. To keep up with demand, we have hired additional staff, skilled in a variety of arenas (electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers), producing the elements of your motorhomes. In addition to this we have invested in a new computer numerical control (CNC) machine for production. This CNC Machine will allow us to update and improve our builds, production and decrease our lead times. All of this was not achievable without your support for our products, and we thank you for that.

Secondly, similarly to our industry here in Australia, the globe experienced a surge in demand for new vehicles, with Toyota Hilux’s being a favourite vehicle of choice for many consumers. Though even with extensive planning, we were also struck with unforeseen vehicle shortages, and production schedules were forced to adapt in this timeframe, rather then proceed with the queue. To give context, in regards to our Sherwood production, we had planned on receiving 6-8 Toyota Hilux cab chassis each month throughout this year. Upon exiting June, after a successful show season (great to see so many of you there!), we were informed that there was a minor update occurring in SR Cab Chassis (a white instead of black door handle), as well as still a rampant virus closing production lines in Thailand (where the chassis are produced). For this four-month time frame, we only received 6 in total, an 75% decrease in Sherwoods, our most popular model. In the tail end of the year, we have started to receive our required complement and our deliveries match that, boding well for a productive 2023.

Us here at Suncamper HQ want to thank our dealerships for their continued support to us and our customers. In 2021, we welcomed our Victorian Dealership Albury Wadonga RV World on board as well as Caravana Brisbane for Queensland, both who we had successful shows and sales, and support to all our regular customers again this year, and are already planning for a positive 2023 with their support. In 2022 we had 3 more dealerships start receiving their first Suncamper’s at their dealerships this year, and trickling through over the course; Caravans & Boats WA in Perth, Dario’s Caravan & Repairs in Adelaide and Roadlife RV in New Zealand. All will be receiving further stock in 2023, and we are keen to support them at all of their upcoming shows and furthering our relationships. All of the dealerships are knowledgeable of our products and are ready to take your orders, and assist with your questions, warranty and needs.

After such a tough few years stuck at home, it was great to see so many of our existing customers out on the road, seeing and using our motorhomes. We waved at you all when we were out and about travelling and got a few back, as well as saw all of your submissions in our photo competition, seeing some incredible landscapes and experiences, only made more special by your Suncamper.

Keep getting out there and exploring what your Suncamper was made to do, and thank you once again for another year of your support.

Safe Travels