4WD orĀ  2WD?

There are couple of questions to ask yourself when working out whether to buy a 2WD or a 4WD motorhome if your planning to hit the road and start exploring Australia:

  1. Consider where you plan to travel.
  2. Consider what experience you are looking for.
  3. Consider who you are travelling with.
  4. Consider how you like to travel.
  5. Consider when you would like to travel.

Planning out an itinerary and checking that there are sealed roads to your chosen locations is a must if you are looking for the 2WD option. Are you looking for an adventure holiday or some weekend trips up and down the coast? Most 2WD will be fine on well-maintained, unsealed roads. Though we always advise to consider a 4WD if most of your desires lie more towards the wild and rugged. If you do opt for an adventurous trip – who you travel with is important. Choosing a travel companion that can hook up a tow rope and haul you out of safety is a must if you are looking to hit the dunes at Newcastle, or the beaches at places like Evans Head or Rainbow Beach. Whist our suspension is excellent, if you like a smooth trip with no bumps and potholes, perhaps stick to a 2WD and sealed roads. On the other hand, if you don’t mind your journey being a bit rough around the edges so you can reach those extra special spots, a 4WD will be right up your alley. And one last consideration is when you would like to travel. The Australian climate as we have just seen can be unforgiving, with fires and floods and storms with trees on the road. If you want to travel during these times, perhaps a 4WD is the way to go. You’ll be a bit higher off the road with more clearance and wont be as concerned tacking the tricky terrain.

Which ever you decide, we can build you motorhome on both. We have for many and we can for you too.