BRON: Now say that six times! Gail thanks for chatting with Suncamper today…

GAIL: On a trip right now, heading down the NSW! Happy to supply pics and info!

BRON: Firstly, which Suncamper do you have?

GAIL: I’ve got a 2015 Sherwood 4×4.

BRON: Tell us about your trip in your Suncamper, where have you been? What was the best part about it?

GAIL: Currently on a 6,000 km trip from NSW south coast, up through Parkes, Dubbo, The Warumbungles, The Pilliga, Lightning Ridge, Longreach, Winton, Carnarvan Gorge, Bingara and then back down the coast. The best part? Skipping the main towns, and camping alongside rivers, or up in the mountains, enjoying the quirkiness of small Aussie country towns and appreciating the dry character and resilience of our country folk, the bush poets, the pub meals, the camp-fire cook-ups. Love the red dirt, the big, big skies, the amazing starry nights, beautiful sunsets (I especially love the sunrises from my bedroom window!)

BRON: Same! I just love the views from the rear panoramic windows too! What was the best thing about your Suncamper on your trip?

GAIL: You mean, apart from the admiring glances it always draws, or the typically understated “nice rig” comments? The best thing is its go-anywhere-ability, it’s totally self-contained so I can stay off-grid forever. I love the big windows in the dining area, perfect views always! As a solo female traveler, I always feel perfectly safe and secure, and I like the height too, I can lie in bed with the windows open, confident that no one can see in. I was snug and warm at Guyra when it was minus 6 outside, with my diesel heater. I’ve got a nice hot shower, toilet, and plenty of room to cook, plus heaps of storage. And there’s plenty of room to move around inside. My son is 6ft 3 and he can easily stand up inside. Honestly, I could go on and on about how much I love my Sherwood!

BRON: Gail, thank you so much for sharing your trip with us! We hope you continue to enjoy your travels.