Let us paint an image in your head. You have just finished your drive from Broome, driving at your own pace through the rugged yet surreal Western Australian countryside. You pull up your motorhome allowing the sun to filter through your panoramic windows, as the sun sets across Cape Leveque. Sipping your favourite beverage, some fellow travellers offer their acquaintance and you spend the evening reminiscing about your journey to the end of the world.

This fairytale and idealistic adventure was undertaken by Louise Graves, embarking on an 80 day trip. We here at Suncamper were fortunate enough to talk to her about her trip. 

In a journey spanning over 13,000km Louise travelled north from her home in Victoria. Her companion? Her Sherwood 4×4 E-Series, affectionately named ‘Snowy’ to accompany her on this daring feat. To give some context about the hero of this journey, Louise is a single female with the world at her fingertips, dreaming of buying a Suncamper for over 20 years. Then in the darkest hours of the pandemic, ‘Snowy’ appeared, ready to tackle any adventure with Louise. Their task? To see some of the most northern and remote parts of our beautiful country.

Starting in May and lasting all the way to August, the trip of 10 years in the making was nothing but a breeze for our protagonists. Booking only a handful of accommodations, our solo traveller and her motorhome went offroading on the Gibb River Road, some ‘hairy’ river crossings and meeting some fantastic similar minded people on her journey, then cozing into her secure and comfy bed taking in the panoramic views.

The best parts, you ask? Isolated at the tip of Cape Leveque watching the sun rise, water cascading over the rocks filling your ears with a roar, and seeing the wildlife at Mornington Wilderness Camp, all not possible without her 4×4. Imagine doing all this, and then topping it off with a helicopter ride over Purnululu National Park.

Where is she off to next? Louise is heading up to North Kalgoorlie to do some more 4×4 as well as strike rich in the gold fields, which us here at Suncamper, can’t wait to hear.

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