Success is when preparation meets opportunity. You’ve heard that proper preparation prevents poor performance, and whilst we have this time off at home, what better time to start planning your next adventure.  If that means biting the bullet to place an order for your new Suncamper Motorhome, or simply spending time planning where you’d like to go, getting your vehicles set up so once state restrictions are lifted, you’re right ready to travel!

It’s been made clear that overseas travel will be difficult, with restrictions in place for some time to come (not to mention the health hazards with involved with the cruise industry). With all that Australia has been through these last six months, drought, floods, fires and now this virus, there’s no better time to get out and see this beautiful country and support small towns.  As a country, we need to be supporting our own and assisting to boost our economy.

We’d love to hear where you’re planning your next trip.  Share with us here where your next stop is.