After the great success of the Melbourne show, I was given some leeway in when I was needed to return to Suncamper HQ in Sydney. Rather then hightailing it back down the Hume Highway, when I reached the out skirts of the city, I took a slightly longer detour down the country roads in the hybrid 7.6m long Saxby F Series.

Leaving Sydney, I was somewhat hesitant about driving a vehicle that big across the border to a city famous for its trams. Though after a pep talk in my head and awareness while driving, the transition was seamless! Flash forward a week and this F-series was cruising through the plains of Victoria, stopping off in Glenrowan, free-camping by this untouched lake outside of Albury, a hike through Gundagai, and a lunch in Bowral before stopping home! I drove the vehicle both on and off-road and never felt like it was unsuited for the task, even when going up some pretty steep inclines!

Never did I think that driving such a large vehicle on country roads and turning at intersections in small towns was such a breeze! I would strongly recommend this vehicle for a family to travel in as there was heaps of space as well as many sleeping areas, with six seatbelts fitted as standard. Or alternatively a couple like myself who wanted an open plan floor space with acres of room. 

It really demonstrated the hassle free set up of just being able to get up and go in a motorhome, and then the ability to stop when it suited us, all in a self-contained unit, protected and safe.