While some of us are stuck at home, in and around Greater Sydney and other parts of Australia, Sue and Bill’s timing was spot on, as they are currently camping in Perisher.

Currently (June 2021), caravan and motorhomes are allowed to continue their stay in caravan parks if they had booked before the lockdowns were announced.

We were able to chat with Sue at a time they had some reception to talk to them about their trip. Have a listen to the video or a read below:


SUE: Testing, testing, one, two, three!

BRON: Hey Sue, thank you so much for talking with Suncamper about your amazing, amazing trip to Perisher. It looks cold but gee, it looks absolutely beautiful. I just wanted to ask you firstly, what Suncamper you have?

SUE: We have a Suncamper Sherwood, it’s a 2007 model 4×4 and it’s perfect for this situation.

BRON: And tell me, how long have you had your Suncamper for?

SUE: We have had our SUncamper now for about four years. I bought it from my sister and brother-in-law who bought it brand new in 2007, and they gave us a great deal for it, and we love it very much.

BRON: I am so pleased to hear that. You probably already know that Suncamper is a family-run business so family is very important to us. We have been around for 40 years and in that time we have seen so many different motorhome manufacturers come and go in that time, but something that has lasted all that time is Suncamper. My brother is the GM of Suncamper now and my Dad is starting to step out a little bit more. So I love to hear stories about families supporting each other. That means a lot to us.

Now, I want to get into your recent trip. You are in the beautiful Perisher I believe. I am actually going to be there next month so can you please tell me about your journey and what it is like down there in your Suncamper? I noticed a little post on Facebook where you said you were nice and warm, so I am really happy to hear that, tell me more…

SUE: Yes! For the last couple of years, I’ve been coming down with my husband. He loves to go skiing, and the Suncamper is perfect because it doesn’t cost a lot of money to stay in accommodation. When I come along, I bring all the food and organize it. And then late last year we bought a diesel heater and Bill installed it and that makes it so much better.

Camping down by the Snowy River at Island Bend is such a beautiful place. When it snows there it is just so pretty. But we had to move away from it yesterday because we were worried about all the snow on the trees falling down on top of us.

Bill also incorporates into his skiing a bit of fishing so that’s why we have brought the trailer along this time. Recently we had the tow bar put on so we could bring the trailer. So it’s all coming together and it’s perfect.

BRON: It really does look like you guys have it well kitted out, and I’ve heard the diesel heater is a fantastic addition if you’re planning to do the colder seasons or heading south in the winter months.

Tell me, what is your favourite thing about the Suncamper Sherwood, apart from the diesel heater, what is your favourite thing?

SUE: I really think my favourite thing is sitting here at the table at that beautiful big back window looking out at the view. I think that is my favourite thing.

BRON: We have had a lot of positive feedback about the panoramic windows that go around the back of the Sherwood which is a key feature of the Sherwood, which makes a compact motorhome so much more spacious when you’re sitting inside. It means you can back up anywhere and really choose what artwork you would like on your walls that night.

I was so impressed with that beautiful video that you shared with the other Suncamper Owners. Thank you so much for sharing that, Sue. What I would like to hear from you is and final tips that you have for anyone who is considering purchasing a Suncamper?

SUE: Yeah, I really love Suncamper, and also the company. I have been there a few times to get and few things done or repaired and everyone has been always been very helpful and friendly.

I think some tips are, just bring along everything you need and make it compact so if it doesn’t work the first time, try it again with something else. Always bring lots of tea and coffee and wine and champagne as well.

Thanks, Bron, it’s been really fun doing this. It’s a really clever way to do an interview. I haven’t done anything like this before. I hope I talk to you again soon and let me know if you need any more information.

BRON: Thank you so much, Sue. For those who are listening, we are doing an interview over Messenger, recoding questions and answers and Sue has kindly spent some time with us today from Perisher. She is directly in the middle of her trip in her Suncamper Sherwood. A huge thank you to Sue and Bill. It sounds like we should have a cup of tea or a wine in the back of the Sherwood with those big beautiful windows very, very soon.

On that Sue, I own a very tiny boutique bottle shop in a small country town in Burringbar, which is about 25 minutes north of Byron Bay. So if you guys ever head north, you make sure that you pop in there and anyone that rocks up in a Suncamper gets a free tasting.

I look forward to welcoming you both, and thanks again for your time and safe travels. Thank you to Sue and Bill

SUE: Thanks Bron it’s been really fun doing this.