​Whether it’s loo paper, hand sanitizer or medical masks, our hospitals have experienced shortages, just like the rest of us, so Suncamper Motorhomes has donated all their masks to the local hospital.

All our stock has been donated straight to Hornsby Hospital where it is needed the most.

We’d love to know what you’ve been doing/done to survive this strange time? How have you been helping others?  As they say, “helping others is the best way to help yourself” and as we know this time has been really exceptionally hard for others, both mentally with the isolation and physically obtaining supplies and doing everyday things – for this reason, when we were able to obtain 100’s of face masks from one of our suppliers, we gave them to our local hospital. Keith Harrison (Owner and Director) went up to our local hospital to donate the masks. They were very thankful as they had been running low on supplies.

After donating the masks, we thought what else can we do to help?  Keith and Cam looked at ways to diversify the production line to assist with medical supplies that are in short supply. Over the past few weeks, Suncamper has been communicating with the NSW Government and is currently in the second stage of the application process for manufacturing hospital gowns! We figured we have the machinery and the staff willing to help out so why not.


Book an appointment today to come and see our range – it’s a great time to come and visit and the Government supports those interested in buying a new or used vehicle through a dealership.