We offer virtual tours at Suncamper – to book in please contact [email protected] and we will arrange a time that works for you!

We can agree how the COVID-19 pandemic has been a big setback to travel, and simple joys… like booking in a tour factory at your favourite motorhome builder. Us humans are just wired to be social animals. We like to interact, touch, walk on into a space to know how it feels, etc. Though since the threat of COVID-19, most if not all person-to-person interactions have been severely impacted. Compulsory lockdowns, physical-distancing, working-from-home arrangements and virtual meetings have become the new norm. We now have a new relationship with technology, and I for one have come to respect much more, technology, the people who build the products and the people who write the software so we can connect at the touch of a few buttons.

It is easy to get frustrated at technology when it doesn’t work, though something I have found is if you either:

  1. Restart your computer/device.
  2. Google the problem to try and rectify it

most often than not, the issue is ‘User Error’.

I have been humbled as I have been challenged by technology which I have used to build websites, create videos, produce music, and put things together like this article.

It’s fun once you just embrace the challenge of it all.

There is a growing technology: virtual reality, that even before the pandemic disrupted everything, was starting to take off. But this year, in particular, we have seen virtual reality in the motorhome industry really expand. Virtual tours provide a great option for you to check out our range without an in-person tour. As the market adjusts to our new way of living, 3D reality is paving the way in revolutionizing motorhoming and allows our customers to complete purchases without physically seeing the vehicle, in the same way some people buy property “off the plan” or buy “unseen”.

If you haven’t seen our 360, 3D videos you can see them below, or book in a Facetime with Michael on 0427 199 103.