The appeal of a Sherwood 4×4 from Suncamper’s point of view is an obvious one, being our best selling motorhome, and a staple of the company for the past 30 years. The question is though, do those who are lucky enough to own one, does it tick their needs?

I had the opportunity to catch up with Gail & Stuart in the midst of one of their escapades. Gail & Stuart, local to the Southern Highlands, took delivery of their new Sherwood E-Series 4×4 earlier this year just as the winter frost was creeping across the nation. The keen #vanlife couple have been going on trips for the past 14 years together since retirement, stating it is their hobby that they get to do together. Previously owning a van, they decided the Sherwood E-Series was the motorhome that was perfect for them, stating they wanted something:

  • Compact and under 6m (or there abouts)
  • A permanent bed made up all the time
  • All their amenities having a home and storage
  • Level of luxury instilled on their motorhome.

After they decided the Sherwood was the way to go, and have been nothing but pleased with the results.

Recently they went on their first major trip in the vehicle, and I chatted to them a couple of times during their trip, helping out with the various questions about their build, & with them sending me various photos along the way I wanted to catch up for a quick chat after. Gail & Stuart departed on an expedition that entailed following along the Murray River banks, with all of its winds and tributaries, something that is on most of East Coast Australia’s bucket list being the largest river in the country. This was the perfect first major trip for their Sherwood, as they themselves and their motorhome got to grips with each other. Free camping along the way for their whole trip, which with their water capacity, solar and batteries they were easily able to achieve this feat, and something that we design Sherwood’s to do.

After finishing mapping the ribbons, they turned to follow the river north, heading through Pooncarie, to Menindee Lakes  then up to Broken Hill. Another picturesque part of the country, where the desolate figures of trees isolated from shore, only grow with their reflections reaching the sky as the sunset kissed clouds close on in. On the drive up to this area, was where the Sherwood came into its own, and something that was a deciding factor for many of our customers came into prevalence. Gail & Stuart initially picked a 4×2 E-Series as their vehicle of choice, determining that based on their previous van they didn’t need a 4×4 to achieve their destinations. Though as you have read, after a series of events, Gail & Stuart had a Sherwood 4×4 delivered to them. Though not avid 4×4 adventurers, the advantage of having a 4×4 unit on some of the dirt roads heading north were an advantage, and they had the confidence to tackled these unsealed routes in their unit. From there they enjoyed the festivities of that area, dining and wining at local establishments before calling it a day.

After this 4-week trip, were they done for the year? I was able to catch them briefly as they lounged on a beach on the NSW North Coast, spending the Christmas Period on the Sunshine Coast in their Sherwood as they visited friends and family. One thing Gail wanted to mention as a plus that has been a revelation since taking delivery, has been the ability to visit and stay with friends. After catching up over a meal and/or drinks, rather than retreating to an unknown room, they simply traverse back outside to their motorhome where all their creature comforts and homely belongings are set up ready for them.


Safe Travels Gail & Stuart , Merry Christmas and we can’t wait to see where you get up to next on your travels.