Australia really is a big place. Did you know the drive from Sydney to Perth, is the same time as driving from New York City to Los Angeles, a diagonal beeline across the states, and is over a 1000kms longer then the drive from London to Moscow. Quite crazy if you think about it and look at how modern globes depict our world, but our motorhomes can travel all over this continent of ours!

As the saying goes, “Where the hell is Hay?” the unofficial slogan of the town, being located 8 hours from both Sydney and Adelaide, and around 6 from Melbourne. Regarded as the flattest place in Australia by the locals, and all who drive through it, but there is more to it then meets the eye.

Upon setting out on my journey, and looking at the various ways to travel across this beautiful country of ours, my research gave me mixed results of which way to go. With titles such as the most boring drive in the world, then contradicted by the magical sense of nothing makes it for one of Australia’s best. Not knowing what to expect I went in with an open mind, and I was amazed.

Seeing the horizon stretch out for miles, only broken by the silhouette of a farmers straw bale, or an emu gazing at the singular cloud in the blue sky. Tumbleweeds billow across the road, lodging themselves all across your grill, coupled with the blackest of night sky seeing the constellations move as you wave your hand dancing with your fingers. Roadtrains wave you on by, as any danger can be identified miles away, and see them later as you rest in town with a mean fresh rib eye, paired with a perfect peppercorn sauce, but make sure you are there and ordered before 7, as the taps start flowing for those who have had a hard earned thirst. 

On a serious note, with our industry booming but parks and stops not quite catching up, accommodation can be quite tricky to predict. Always pre plan your trips for piece of mind, and you can get out there and enjoy your head filled with lots of nothing.