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  • Toyota have been manufacturing the Hilux since 1968. Throughout this time it’s been proven and tested for Australian conditions with over 650,000kms of testing done in Australia alone before release of this current generation Hilux.
  • Over 18 million units sold globally, with over a million Hilux’s sold in Australia alone.
  • Toyota Hilux has been Australia’s number 1 selling vehicle for over 20 years. Toyota Commercial Vehicles are the number one selling product since the late 80’s/90s’s and Toyota being the number 1 selling brand across Australian since 2002.
  • Weld points have increased on the new Hilux to 388, strengthening the chasis – the chassis is a separate ladder frame box type design which is 30mm thicker than the previous generation and comparable competitors.
  • Additional strength in chassis, and with our Suncamper Design, the Hilux allows for a further 750kg of weight to be added in inclusions. Other brands are about half that capacity.
  • New generation Hilux uses underbody steel plates that have been upgraded to 590MPA strength – equivalent to a small jet and exterior underbody protection plates have increased from 1.00mm thickness to 1.4mm overall underbody protection has increased throughout the cab, by over 30%
  • The cab body of the Hilux now has anti-corrosive wax and chip resistant coating applied to enhance protection of all the elements, perfect for your off-road adventures. It also has an additional seal between doors plus a weather strip across the rocker strip inside the door to protect your vehicle even further.
  • Toyota opt for leaf springs as we do in our suspension upgrade other competitors use coil – Leaf springs are designed for vehicles carrying heavy loads due to durability and resistance to sagging
  • Hilux uses rear Drum Brakes versus Disc – most heavy vehicles use drum brakes because the larger the surface area is compared to disc the better the delivery for braking is when towing and or carrying heavy loads minimizing wear and tear – Hilux fitted with a larger brake booster and larger front disc and rear drums
  • Trailer Sway Control standard on 4×4 Hilux illuminates trailer movement when towing
  • No timing belt replacement required – Low Friction Timing CHilux has a 3 year and or 60,000kms Capped Price Service Australia Wide and a comprehensive Aftercare Sales Program in place – Toyota offer Express Service (service while you wait) at most of its Service Centres with over 300 Service Centres around Australia – largest service network in Australia!
  • Toyota offers a 3 year 100,000kms Factory Warranty and warranty options are available to extend if required
  • Hilux vehicles are known to easily retain up to 60-70%% resale value within a 5 year period helping you minimise your out –of pocket on your next motor home upgrade