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The Suncamper Story

Suncamper commenced operations at Balgowlah NSW in 1977. In 1989 the business was purchased by Keith Harrison and moved originally to Mount Kuring-gai and now to Thornleigh in Sydney. Suncamper is now a leading motorhome and campervan specialist in Australia.

The company started as a two-man operation that fitted pop-tops to vans. In the last 40+ years the company has progressed to the manufacturing and construction of high quality motorhomes and campervans and has an array of vehicles and designs to offer our customers variety and comfort. This selection ranges from pop-top campervans, all the way up to 7 metre (24 foot) motorhomes. Suncamper has great flexible abilities towards product and design.

At Suncamper, we believe each consumer of our products can offer helpful and crucial advice as to maintain quality, affordability and a product that appeals to our market. We treat each customer with individuality. Our customers are not merely numbers in a queue, on the contrary, we consider our customers to be an integral part and continual aid to our value and quality systems. It is their feedback in which we stipulate future design and continual improvement.

Why Suncamper

  • Suncamper has a number of award-winning models and designs 12 car-licensed models
  • Best motorhome warranty in Australia – 3 years / 100,000 kms
  • Proudly 100% Australian owned and operated for over 40 years!
  • High Quality construction materials and techniques used in every vehicle.
  • Suncamper holds an excellent vehicle resale value
  • An Industry Leader in manufacture and innovation
  • A long standing and reputable company
  • Comprehensive testing and compliance processes
  • Fully welded steel and aluminium framework
  • Fully insulated motorhomes
  • Underbody Insulation to protect from road noise and damage

Construction Features

  • Base vehicles have service networks Australia wide
  • Steel foundations with unique uni-body welded framework and roof
  • Full insulation and multi layered thick walls and roof
  • Single piece roof – No joins
  • All fittings screwed to aluminium framework – nothing fitted to insulation
  • High quality appliances and fittings from reputable suppliers
  • Ply cabinetry with vinyl finish – not foam board with paper facing
  • Glued and screwed cabinets – not stapled
  • Stainless steel and polyurethane water tanks – not plastic
  • Air bag suspension for our Sherwood series.
  • Underbody sealant protecting from rust, noise, weather and road damage
  • Rigorous testing for vehicle compliance, construction, appliances and fittings
  • 3 year / 100,000km warranty – The best in Australia
  • Customer satisfaction surveys shape improvements and new designs

Production Process
It is a combination of technique and materials that give Suncamper such a reputable name. The company is 100% Australian owned and operated and has been successfully manufacturing motorhomes and campervans for over 40 years. During that time they have become a well-known and highly respected manufacturer, leading the country in design and innovation.
The materials used to construct the motorhomes and campervans are of high quality and are all sourced from reputable supplies, where long lasting relationships have been formed. Appliances, fixtures and fittings are all tested for each individual vehicle. Giving the final product an immaculate finish.

The Suncamper Team


Cameron Harrison

General Manager

Cameron oversees all operations at Suncamper Motorhomes.   Having been brought up in the industry, with his dad owning the company his entire life, Cameron knows Suncamper Motorhomes like the back of his hand.

He has extensive experience in cabinet making, interior design, manufacturing, and in particular working with diverse materials with architects and designers.  Cameron imparts his complex knowledge of both manufacturing and operating systems to his team, ensuring the company is consistently growing and up to date with the latest techniques and trends.


Phil O'Grady

Purchasing and Operations

Phil is head of purchasing and operations, and oversees all our inventory and stock.  Dealing directly with our customers, and building our supplier relationships, Phil ensures all aspects of the business run smoothly.


Michael Spencer

Motorhome and Campervan Sales

Phone: 0427 199 103

Michael has been in motor vehicle sales for almost all of his career, and joins the Suncamper Motorhomes Team with a wealth of knowledge.  He’s an enthusiastic and honest salesman who’s motivated and eager to help find the right motorhome for you!


Keith Harrison


Keith purchased the Suncamper business in 1989, and has successfully developed Suncamper to a new and competitive level.  Keith has been and continues to be proficient with motorhome and campervan knowledge and provides credible guidance, insight and knowledge to the company.